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Crowd Sourced Designs

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The Pros and Cons of Crowd Sourced Designing

From time to time (when I have the time) I pit my wits against crowd sourced design websites, and sometimes wonder why?
For the uninitiated, crowd sourced design websites provide a way of connecting clients with designers. There are no restrictions on who can submit design work. Clients submit a project brief and their budget, and designers post their designs. After a set amount of days, the client chooses a winner, pays them and goes away with a new logo, website design, packaging graphic or almost anything design related.

Recent crowd sourcing design work

Sounds ideal at first look, for self-employed designers, or those wanting to generate extra income. But of course there are pros and cons.

skaffa forex kort PROS :
  1. Access to a potentially Worldwide market.
  2. Select only the projects you like.
  3. No committment to submit, so no damage to reputation if you can't submit a design for whatever reason.
  4. Project payments are guaranteed (not always, but mostly, and it's your choice to enter if not)
  5. Work your own hours
http://careermastery.net.au/?pero=Tastylia-Online-Without-Prescription\ CONS :
  1. There can be an unlimited number of competing designers
  2. Lack of face-to-face discussions with clients
  3. No matter how hard you work, winning is not guaranteed
  4. Project budgets are generally on the low side (and you are up against designers from countries used to earning less)
  5. There is no accounting for taste
So, in answer to my original question, why do I do it?
For all the reasons stated under 'CONS'.
  1. Competing against designers from all over not only helps keep your skills sharp, but should help your humility as well.
  2. Face-to-face discussions with clients are getting rarer, and it's good to learn how to 'read' people electronically.
  3. Winning (or payment) is never guaranteed in the real and the virtual world.
  4. Design budgets are shrinking all over, so learning to be good and quick is a necessary skill.
  5. You may have a degree, and 15 years experience in 'taste', but it doesn't always make you right.
And it really is no easier for the client, most are inexperienced in not only the design process, but sourcing designs and clearly expressing their wishes as well. And what they're paying you is only a piece of what they're paying overall - most crowd sourcing sites charge commission.

In the end it comes down to time and committment. There are plenty of designers out there making decent earnings from crowd sourcing sites, but they devote all their time to it.

But if you have a spare few hours or you only need part-time work there's really nothing to lose.

And if you're just starting out and trying to build up a portfolio, what better way to participate in live projects, sharpen your design and client skills and maybe earn something at the same time.

It's not for everyone, but at least everyone has the choice.

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